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Democratic Republic of Congo: What do the provinces receive from the handover?

After the Governor of the East, the collective of provincial representatives also hopes to meet with President Tshisekedi to discuss


Democratic Republic of Congo: NGOs concerned about food shortages in prisons

Result New alarm in prisons indicating that prisoners are malnourished and lack medication. This situation persists and affects all penitentiary

DRC: Virunga National Park 4 gorillas killed

The three Safari females, Neeza, Mburanumwe and the male Rugendo belong to a group frequently visited by tourists. The disappearance

Central African Republic: Al Madina, the company that asked questions in Bangui

The company is responsible for printing all security documents: residence permit, driving licence and current identity card. Their costs are

Elephant numbers have doubled in 30 years in Kenya

This is a victory for biodiversity and wildlife in Kenya. The Minister of Tourism announced this week that the number