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Sidiki Diabaté’s moving message to the victim mamacita saw

Malian music star Sidiki Diabaté is a completely destroyed person. The star is in custody in a prison in Bamako

Manchester City in turmoil ahead of Leicester match

The Man City coach has only 13 players from the senior team at his disposal. The Citizen is experiencing a

FC Barcelona still ungrateful to one of its stars.

Diego Forlan, “Luis Suarez is not the first Barca player to have undergone such treatment.” After six years at the

CAN 2010: the controversy surrounding the awarding of the Egyptian trophy

The original CAF Africa Cup of Nations trophy awarded to the Egyptians after their three consecutive wins in 2006, 2008

COVID19: Neymar, Di Maria and Paredes test positive

After announcing on 31 August that several players were suspected of being carriers of Covid-19, PSG confirmed on Wednesday 2

Côte d’Ivoire: FIFA calls for an end to the IFF election process

The Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) was the new rebound of the presidential campaign. Following the dismissal of Didier Drogba on

Why was Didier Drogba’s candidacy for the presidency of the IFF rejected?

The candidacy of former Côte d’Ivoire elephant captain Didier Drogba was rejected due to multiple flaws. His list of members